The Vritra Community places rules and guidelines on the members to make sure it is an inclusive, safe, and nourishing community. These rules will be enforced by the moderators and admin, however, they are not exempt from them. Proper action will be taken depending on the offense, this can range from a warning to a revoked membership. Three warnings will equate to a ban unless it is a bigger violation.


Forum Rules are slightly different and can be found in the community guidelines under the forum tab.

No Hate

No homophobia, bigotry, harassment, transphobia, racism, xenophobia, or any other forms of discrimination towards members or moderators. This is a zero-tolerance policy. 

16+ Community

NSFW topics will be allowed (as long as it is in proper channels). We will not check the ages of members so proceed with your own caution, we recommend you are at least sixteen.


Moderation Discretion

Moderators hold the final say and are in control of disciplinary actions. If you disagree with them, you may talk to the admin discreetly. 

No Spamming

Please refrain from spamming chat, discord, or the forum. 


No Self Promoting outside of designated channels

There will be channels for you to self-promote on the discord, forum, and through artist spotlight nominations. Do not do it outside of these channels.

Use Spoiler Tags for Spoilers

When posting in forums under topics that may contain spoilers, enable the spoiler feature which will blur out text automatically for viewers. 


Keep all discussion civil and in proper channels

It is understood that you may have a certain affliction to other members, however, please make sure you are minding your tone and are addressing members in the right channels.